BIG N Benefits


BIG N is an ideal choice of fertiliser for pre-plant nitrogen application. Its high concentration of nitrogen and the convenience of on-farm delivery mean you can spend more time actually applying nitrogen and less time re-filling.

There are agronomic advantages of applying pre-plant as well. Most of your soil’s nitrogen is in the top 10 cm of soil. However, crops source moisture and nutrients throughout the whole root zone. If you apply your nitrogen early in a pre-plant situation you give it a better chance of getting down below the top layer of soil, where it can be used by the crop at later stages of growth. 

Getting nitrogen into the root zone is difficult in a post-plant situation, especially in the northern dryland cropping areas. In addition, it is often too late to take remedial action for crops that are deficient in nitrogen, once symptoms such as yellowing of new growth occur. By applying pre-plant, you give your crop every opportunity to take advantage of any seasonal upside that may occur.

One Pass

Increased on-farm costs such as fuel and labour are making cutting out a pass and reducing the time spent in the paddock more and more valuable. 

Because of the high nitrogen concentration in BIG N, you can apply a lower rate of the fertiliser to achieve the same rate of nitrogen, thereby improving field efficiency so you can sow for longer before needing to refill.


Mid-row and below seed banding with BIG N allows root systems to access applied nitrogen later in the growing season without the need to topdress. 

The timing of nitrogen availability depends on the soil type, row spacing and growing conditions, but if it is managed correctly, growers can control early dry matter production and maximise grain fill at maturity.

Water Run

Water running BIG N offers ease of use and convenience as there is very little preparation work or handling required. Nurse tanks are delivered to the paddock. BIG N is bubbled directly into the irrigation ditch, requiring only minimal supervision. 

The application equipment required to water run BIG N is simple, reliable and inexpensive. The flow meter releases BIG N accurately into the furrows and is easy to set.

Additional Benefits

Delivery and Service

  • Big N comes to you, it’s only a phone call away
  • Big N is delivered on farm when and where you require it
  • Delivery is free
  • Dedicated specialised Dealer Field Service checks your rig for efficiency and effectiveness
  • Only pay for what you use. You can return what you don’t use.


  • Big N is 82% nitrogen so you cover more ground per tonne of product
  • Less time is spent filling and more time working
  • Improved use of labour and machinery resources. No augers or bins needed.
  • Reduced fuel and machinery use
  • No more lugging heavy bags, storing urea in silos or running into town for a few extra tonnes


  • Guaranteed quality 100% of the time
  • Doesn’t block up machinery
  • Big N is not prone to weather damage


  • Perfect fit for mid row banding
  • Can be used for one-pass operations
  • Ideal for short water run in cotton
  • Apply pre-plant Big N earlier in the season when weather and soil conditions are favourable


  • Product characteristics make it ideal for variable rate situations and precision rate application (Raven Flow Controllers)

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