BIG N Application Guide

BIG N fertiliser fits into a wide range of modern farming practices, allowing farmers to work smarter, not harder.

At 82% nitrogen, BIG N is a very cost-effective fertiliser to transport. At almost double the analysis of urea, you only have to handle half the amount of product.

Incitec Pivot Fertilisers delivers BIG N where you want it, when you want it. Just pick up your phone and let your BIG N Distributor know when you want to apply nitrogen and how much you need. There are no clean-up jobs when using BIG N. No more cleaning out silos or bins. Incitec Pivot takes back the BIG N you don’t need.

BIG N is stored as a liquid by keeping it under pressure. In conventional application, BIG N is released into the soil as a mixture of gas and liquid at high pressure. Methods of BIG N application can vary from region to region and between different cropping operations, so talk to your local BIG N Field Service Specialist about the best option for your system.

Download the application guide below:

Variable rate

BIG N, through variable rate application, allows you to be in precise control of the nitrogen rate applied. Guided by pre-determined nitrogen rate maps and GPS navigation systems, growers can target specific areas for higher or lower rates of nitrogen fertiliser.

BIG N flow rates can be changed using electronic flow controller systems from the tractor cab without the need for physically adjusting any equipment.

Disc openers or tines

Growers choose equipment that helps them to conserve moisture and work in varying stubble loads, soil moisture conditions and soil types.

The choices are almost endless. Some systems are built specifically to suit local conditions and there is always the choice of disc opener or tine.

BIG N can be used very successfully with disc openers across a broad range of soil types and conditions. The best results occur when press wheels are closing the trench effectively and the gas tube is not running too close to the disc.

Tines have been successfully used for many years in BIG N application. As with disc openers, moisture conservation and minimising soil disturbance are major objectives.

Press wheels are also recommended for tine application of BIG N.

Minimum till

In situations of minimum tillage where a furrow may not be rapidly covered behind an application tine, Cold Flo™ technology allows BIG N to be applied successfully with minimal loss.

Cold Flo relieves the pressure at which the ammonia is delivered from the applicator tank. BIG N is passed through a super cooler to reduce its energy and maintain a high proportion of liquid. The result is that 85% of the BIG N is applied as a supercooled liquid and 15% as a vapour.

The ammonia remains liquid in the soil for longer, providing more time for a mechanical device such as harrows or press.


For growers who prefer to sidedress fertilisers, BIG N has some advantages over urea.

With BIG N, ammonia immediately forms ammonium when applied to the soil. This strongly attaches to clay surfaces in the soil, meaning that the nitrogen stays where it is placed until it converts to nitrate.

It takes longer for urea to convert into ammonium and finally into plant available nitrate. With BIG N, the process is faster due its immediate ammonium conversion, so farmers can be satisfied their crops are getting the nitrogen they need, when they need it.

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