Safe Handling Guide

BIG N, with its high concentration of nitrogen, must be handled with care. Incitec Pivot Fertilisers recommends that the correct transfer procedures and safety equipment are used when dealing with BIG N.

Incitec Pivot Fertilisers has developed detailed transfer procedures to be followed for the transfer from nurse tanks to your applicator tank. Safety equipment is recommended to protect operators. (For example, wear goggles and gloves, long trousers and long-sleeve shirts for transfers, and an approved canister type respirator when making and breaking connections.)

Your Dealer’s BIG N Field Service Specialist will check your equipment before you start each job, check the calibration and can, on request, demonstrate a product transfer and discuss any safety issues. Incitec Pivot can, on request, inspect and certify that your BIG N tanks are safe to use and comply with Australian Standards.

To download a copy of the guide, click on the image below:

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